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Helping Clients Obtain Favorable Resolutions – Sample Types of Cases Include the Following:

Strategies for High Net Worth Division

Leo Foust has extensive experience in helping clients obtain positive outcomes for divorce cases that involve dividing high-asset marital estates. In order to achieve a successful resolution it is critical to get assistance from someone who can help you understand what your obligations and rights are regarding asset division. Mr. Foust works closely with his clients in order to come up with a strategic solution that helps you achieve the results you desire.

High net worth asset division is often one of the most emotionally charged and complicated aspects of a divorce. When considering investments, potential business ownership, real estate and more, Leo Foust provides focused attention to your individual situation in order to develop a strategy that preserves and protects assets equitably. Utilizing his experience, and when necessary, financial experts with high net worth division strategies, Leo E. Foust will analyze and review all factors in an effort to ensure that everything that is important to our clients is protected.

High-Intensity Child Custody Disputes

If you have a child custody dispute that you are dealing with it is critical to have experienced counsel that has the necessary skills for properly navigating the legal process and producing a favorable outcome for you. Leo Foust has represented numerous clients successfully in sensitive child custody disputes and in numerous high-intensity situations has achieved positive outcomes.

Contested Divorce Litigation in Williamson County and Surrounding Areas

Whenever spouses are unable to agree on critical issues regarding the breakup of their marriage it is a contested divorce. Some of these disputes can be over the following:

– Division of marital property
– Child custody schedules and arrangements
– Terms for alimony payments
– And more

In certain cases a divorce is contested and acrimonious from the very beginning, in other cases spouses might start the divorce process in basic agreement when it comes to sensitive issues but ultimately discover that they disagree. In either of these situations, when an agreement can’t be reached on certain personal details, usually a court will suggest mediation for reaching a settlement to avoid an emotional and more expensive trial. If that process doesn’t work, then the divorce proceeds to trial. It is critical to have experienced litigation attorneys that are experienced with the trial process who will work hard to present all of the information that will benefit you in court. IF you believe that your divorce might be contested and could end up at trial, contact our office to discuss your case with us.

Additional Information on Texas Divorce

Under Texas law, one or both of the spouses must have lived in Texas for six months at least prior to filing. You also need to choose one of the 13 grounds that you can file for a divorce under. These range from desertion, where one spouse has not lived with or provided any financial support for over a year to the other spouse, to adultery, where one of the spouses has been unfaithful. In a majority of cases, we recommend that a ‘no-fault-divorce’ be filed based on “irreconcilable differences”, which just means that one spouse says their marriage is broken beyond repair. Although an uncontested divorce might take as few as 60 days, it can take a lot longer with a contested divorce. The majority of divorce cases take from four to ten months depending upon a variety of factors including the complexity of the case.

Divorce isn’t ever an enjoyable experience. However, it isn’t necessary to go through the process alone. Major life decisions like ending a marriage need skilled legal help along with patience and time.