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Prenuptial Agreement Lawyers Round Rock, TX

Looking For Help With A Prenuptial Agreement in Round Rock, TX?

It can be a rather sensitive matter, but prenuptial agreements in Texas are a crucial tool that can help to protect both parties going into marriage from unforeseen events. Pre-marriage contracts like these will spell out details that range from alimony should there be a divorce, to asset distribution to children in the event of your death.

Leo Foust Family Law Attorney will be able to explain to you and your spouse to be all of the benefits of a solid prenuptial agreement in a manner that will make both of you very comfortable. If you are already married, you can discuss an antenuptial or postnuptial agreement. Either of which could offer some similar protections to that of a prenuptial agreement.

Do I Need A Prenuptial Agreement in Texas?

A prenuptial has unfortunately been associated with bad connotations in most people’s minds. There are some people who feel as though bringing one up could reflect poorly on the future of the marriage, or that they are more of a tool for rich people to protect any assets that they have from a future spouse that is less wealthy. Leo E. Foust will be able to sit down with you and and explain all of the aspects of planning with this tool and how it can benefit you before you enter into the contract of marriage.

A Prenuptial Agreement That Is Well-Crafted Can:

– Help to protect your children should the two of you get divorced
– Protect each spouse from certain unforeseen debts that were entered into prior to the marriage
– Specify any financial responsibilities with your new union if you happen to have a previous marriage and are paying out alimony or child support

There are times when in a high asset contested divorce and there is no prenuptial agreement, premarital or separate property could actually lose the ‘separate’ status. This will mean it becomes eligible for division during the divorce. While taking all of the above into consideration, you can see that a prenuptial agreement that is brought together by skilled attorneys can help to set a solid foundation for a new marriage.

The team at Leo Foust Family Law have several combined decades of experience with helping families and individuals to navigate through the Texas legal system and the courts. Whether you are in the middle of a divorce, you need child custody or modifications to child support, looking for alimony and more, you can look to the team to give you accurate, timely information, as well as competent representation and expert guidance. The entire team at this Central Texas family law practice will be there to fight to help you protect your financial and legal interests.