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Experienced Child Custody Attorneys Serving Georgetown, TX and the Surrounding Areas

If you are looking for an Georgetown child custody attorney, you are in the right place. After practicing Texas custody and divorce law for decades, we know that in any divorce where children are involved nothing is more important than determining who gets primary custody of their children as well as how they are going to be raised. It is essential to have an experienced, professional attorney to help ensure that your children as well as yourself are well protected.

Expert Legal Knowledge of Texas Child Custody

At Leo Foust Law Office our experienced child custody lawyers are very sensitive to just how important the issue of child custody is, and have decades worth of experience in keeping families intact. We are knowledgeable experts in the area of Texas family law, and have the necessary experience to know how to represent your interests best to the court. It is important to know that Texas child custody laws have been designed so that “the best interests of the child” are considered. However, it is an inherently subjective term and completely depends on which facts are presented. Allow the Leo Foust Law Office lawyers to work to make sure that your child’s “best interests” are defined by the court the way you want them to be.


How Does Texas Family Law Define “The Best Interests Of The Child”?

During a divorce, when trying to determine what the best interests of a child are, Texas custody law provides a great degree of discretion to the court. A judge may consider various factors, including the following:

– Ability of a parent to care for their child
– Parental criminal history
– Parental stability
– A child’s age and preferences

These factors and other are used by a court to decide where your child or children should spend a majority of their time.

Under Texas Law What Kinds Of Custody Exist?

Texas custody laws provide for several different options including the following:

– Joint Custody: There are two subcategories:

Joint legal custody, where both parents are entitled to contribute to major decisions that affect their children or child.

Joint physical custody, where the children or child divide their time living with each parent.

– Sole Custody: There are two subcategories as well:

Sole legal custody, parent has sole authority for making major decisions for their children or child.

Sole physical custody, where the children or child lives with one one parent.

Our Georgetown child custody attorney will work with you closely to review all of your case’s details to determine whether petitioning for sole physical/legal custody, joint legal or joint physical custody is best for your children and you.

Note that your payment schedule for child support will heavily rely on what your custody schedule is.

Our Child Custody Attorneys Explain Texas Custody Schedules

A Texas custody schedule can be as complex or simple as necessary to suit your specific circumstances. Schedules may involve alternating weekends, mid-week visitors, and more. Other questions need to be resolved as well like who will have the children on birthdays and holidays. Since your custody schedules also determines how you and your former spouse are going to divide the time that is spent with your child or children for many years into the future, it is very important that it be craft with expertise and care. Without the right legal guidance, you may miss out rather quickly on valuable time that you could spend with your children. Allow the experienced lawyers at Leo Foust Family Law Attorneys to help you with creating a comprehensive custody as well as visitation schedule that will meet Texas law requirements and preserve your family ties.

Changing A Texas Child Custody Schedule

Given that life circumstances don’t stay the same at all times, your custody schedule shouldn’t either. If you get a new job, move or experience another kind of lifestyle change, the schedule that you previously held might not be practical or convenient any longer for your children or you. Fortunately, Texas law allows custody schedules to be modified, and our child custody lawyers in Georgetown can petition the court for you to get your schedule modified so that it matches your the needs of your life once again. If a move, career chance or some other kind of major change results in your old schedule not being a good fit any longer, just call us so we can help you get it changed.

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